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Mrs. Alma Martinez

Third Grade

Subjects Taught: English Language Arts and Reading 
Third Grade


As a product of Harlandale ISD, I take pride in teaching students in the district in which I was raised and educated. I attended Morrill Elementary, Harlandale Middle School, and graduated from Harlandale High School in 1981 ... Go Indians! I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Our Lady of the Lake University and earned my certification in Elementary Education and Elementary English in grades 1-8.


My career as an educator began in 1986. I have taught first through fifth grade at Columbia Heights Elementary, Flanders Elementary, St. James Catholic School, and Gillette Elementary. The 2017-2018 school year is my 32nd year of teaching! I take pride in witnessing my former students graduating from high school, pursuing their college education, achieving their goals, and realizing their dreams! I look forward to a successful and productive year with my awesome class of third graders! It's GAME ON! We're taking it to the next level!


I am the oldest child of Ramon and Carmen Martinez, both great blessings in my life. I have two loving younger brothers, Ramon and Raul, who serve successfully in law enforcement as a sheriff's deputy and detective. I have three nephews who are perfect gentlemen, an Army captain, a police officer, and a recent college graduate. I also have three adorable nieces, one of whom is a teacher. Another niece is working on her Master's Degree for occupational therapy and my youngest niece is a fifth grader. I also have a wonderful family of in-laws who faithfully offer their love and support.

In my first year of teaching, I married my beloved husband, Roland Martinez, also a Harlandale graduate. He earned a journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from The University of San Antonio. He has worked in public relations for various school districts and now works in the Human Services Department for the City of San Antonio. We have two beautiful and intelligent daughters, Amanda and Sarah. Amanda is a 2010 graduate of Texas State University and works in television production. Sarah graduated from Syracuse University with a double major in Journalism and English Textual Studies in 2016. She works as a newspaper and magazine journalist and plans to become an author. Education is a great priority in our family as is our faith. We attend St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. God is good!

As a member of the third grade team, I am honored to work alongside four devoted and professional colleagues. Mrs. Brookhouser (Science, Social Studies, and Health), Ms. Gillet (Math), Mrs. Guerrero (Dual Language), and Mrs. Rodriguez (Dual Language) are experts in their subject areas. We are a dedicated grade level and work diligently to educate our Gillette Spurs!

I am grateful to my family, friends, administrators, and colleagues for their support of my mission to educate the leaders of tomorrow!


Due Date: daily
Subject: 3rd Grade

Parents can read to their child or listen to their child read for 20-30 minutes daily. This daily reading practice will 
  • fluency - Third graders should read 150 words per minute by the end of the school year.
  • vocabulary - A student who reads 20 minutes on a daily basis will read 1,800,000 words per school year and develop a good vocabulary.
  • comprehension - A student who reads 20 minutes daily will develop good comprehension and score in the 90th percentile on reading tests. 
  • grammar/writing - Students who read on a daily basis will develop strong grammar and writing skills by learning how sentences and stories are organized.

When is comes to reading, practice makes perfect!

Class Schedule

Homeroom Schedule:

7:45    Breakfast

8:00    Reading

9:30    Math

11:00  RTI - Reading

11:35  Lunch

12:05  Recess

12:15  PE - Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
          Music - Wednesday
          Computer Lab - Thursday

1:15    RTI - Math

1:40    Science, Social Studies, and Health

3:10    Homeroom

3:15    Dismissal

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Class Activities



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