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I started my education here in Harlandale at Morrill Elementary.  I attended Headstart, first, second, and part of third grade at Morrill Elementary.

When my mother remarried, we moved to five different school districts during my third grade year to finally settle at Park Village Elementary in the Judson ISD.

I graduated from Judson High school in 1980.  San Antonio College was the first college I attended.  I later transferred over to The University of San Antonio and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with a specialization in reading in 1985.

Later, I started on my Masters at the University of Texas at Kingsville, but had to abandon that when my mother and later my grandmother took ill and I was the only one available to take care of them.


My student teaching was done at Vestal Elementary in a 4th/5th grade open room setting.  This was very interesting since I rotated around to the different classrooms along with the students to teach the different subjects.

When I graduated from UTSA, I was hired to teach fourth grade in the Somerset ISD.  I spent three years there and enjoyed the small town enthusiasm of field day events, homecoming parades, etc.

The rest of my twenty-eight total years of teaching experience has been at Gillette Elementary in Harlandale.  I've taught a variety of grade levels while here.  Some of these include Advance Fifth, regular fifth, third, and second grades.  I coordinated an on-campus Science Club for second thru fifth grade students for over seven years.  I taught for one year in the District Math/Science Summer Academy.  Then was hired  and trained to be the Lead Teacher/Coordinator for three more years.

On the Gillette campus, I have experienced the leadership roles of being a grade level chair in both second and third grade.  I have also been the campus science facilitator for a total of over twelve years.  I enjoy learning from others and helping them to learn whatever my experience has taught me over these twenty-eight years.


I attribute my leadership skills to the fact that I am the oldest of four female siblings.  From an early age, I was taught to take responsibility for myself and help with the care of my younger sisters. 

I had to wait to start school because of my birthdate.  But once there, I was a voracious learner.  I loved to read and learn things about the world around me.  In middle school and high school I was a member of the National Junior Honor Society.  In middle school, I my career path was set toward becoming a teacher like my uncle and his wife.  However, my love of science took over in high school.  My career path changed toward becoming a veterinarian. 

Although all my grades in other science courses were great, college chemistry (of which I needed four years of to become a veterinarian) proved to be too much.  So, I decided to get my degree in teaching with the knowledge that I would still be able to teach science to students who would absorb it like a sponge.  I still love science and hope to spread the wonders of science to as many students as possible.


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